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Your Residence with Confidence !

Our differents activities

* Creating gardens :

Acording to your wishes and needs we create different types of gardens.

Gardens with themes, solid mass of plants or flowers, seeding and sodding lawns, ponds, or adjusting of swimming pools and terraces, fences...

But also automatic watering and lights for garden.

We follow you throughout your project. From the first meetings to study your wishes, and design the garden's plans, to the final realization of the project.

* Upkeeping gardens :

We can upkeep your garden all along the year, so you could fully enjoy it .

We can make timely interventions or annual contracts.

* Getting your residence ready :

We open your property and prepare it for your arrival, we air the house or we warm it up, we take care of the housekeeping and of the bedding .

* Bringing into service and upkeeping your swimming-pool :

We put on stream the pool for the summer and take care of it during the winter.

We follow through the quality of the water, so your swimming-pool will be ready at any time.

*When you are not home :

We come regularly to your house to check the indoor and outdoor installations, so we can anticipate eventual damages or faults. We prepare your home for the winter (particulary draining the water off the pipes), if it's necessary.

We can also collect your mail and make the transfer to another address.

* Management of works / tenants :

If your residence needs works, we can find the capable and qualified artisans.

If you have tenants, we can welcome them (handing over the keys, visiting and giving orders). After their departure, we can prepare your house for your next stay or the stay of other tenants.


For all these duties, a schedule of conditions will be realised with you, explaining in detail the services that you would like and that you need.

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